Premium Detailing

A superior treatment for your vehicle without compromise, using only the finest products available.

Premium Interior Treatment
This includes the standard interior detail with the addition of a TOUGHSEAL™️ treatment for total fabric protection.
From: $295.00

Premium Exterior Treatment
This includes the standard exterior detail. A TOUGHSEAL™️ paint protection treatment is applied to give your vehicle a longer lasting protection. Your car won't just shine, it will gleam!
From: $495.00

TOUGHSEAL™️ Paint + Fabric Protection Package
TOUGHSEAL™️ is a complete protection package for the exterior and interior of cars. The sealant protects modern-day paintwork from everyday harmful elements, such as UV, oxidation, bird droppings, fading and diesel fumes. The same high quality protection can be applied inside the vehicle using Vinyl & Leather Protector and Fabric Protector. This package has a 5 year warranty.
From: $750.00